Breaking barriers by breaking bread
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Fall Salt Lake City Utah Date coming soon.
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A Kneading Brotherhood Retreat is a Christ-centered Culinary Community as you've never experienced before.  Discover male connection and brotherhood in a new light. Men can have  healthy brotherhood- bonding, fullfilling friendships that exceed expectations and fill a void in our hearts.  Come and experience food and friendship and brotherhood like never before.  

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It's Here- FINALLY!

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Kneading Brotherhood

A Jonathan and David Experience


     There is a huge need in our culture to connect.  For some unknown reason we have lost the art of connection~ we no longer have the deep meaningful friendships that should bless us and strengthen us in our  own journeys.  

     The story of Jonathan and David in the Old Testament are the perfect example of the potential of a great friendships.  Jonathan was the crowned Prince of Israel, but stepped aside for God-anointed David to be king without one drop of jealousy or malice towards him.   Jonathan loved David and protected him on many occasions,  even from his own father,  King Saul and others.  


     David loved Jonathan with all his heart.  He proclaimed once that his love for David was "sweeter than his love for women" (and we know he loved women!).  I love the word "sweeter" that is used in this scripture.  I personally believe that any number of words could have been used, but the use of the word sweeter  to me speaks of a spiritual connection, one that was pure in its intent.   


     Kneading Brotherhood is a wonderful  "Jonathan and David Experience".

     Kneading Brotherhood is focused on teaching how to create stronger deeper man~ to~ man friendships that bless and enrich our lives.  The weekend is filled with food metaphors that teach profound principles of connection.  From kneading bread to cooking together the purpose of the this retreat is to open your hearts and minds to the deeper  possibilities of friendship.

     This weekend is for all men who feel they are lacking in connection and want to develop great skills and perhaps overcome cultural confines that keep us lonely and needing connection. Kneading Brotherhood is a Christ~centered ministry, but all faiths and beliefs are welcome.  As men and brothers we honor and respect all faiths and will make sure each man feels loved and honored.


I invite you to take a stretch in your life and join us at a Kneading Brotherhood Retreat soon and discover the potential of real brotherhood. 

Brad Petersen~ Founder of Kneading Brotherhood 



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