The Jonathan and David Experience, JADE, started about four years ago when after years of struggling and wondering how to create deeper more meaningful friendships with men that did not include sex or inappropriate behavior I reached out to a friend who referred me to a friend who referred me to several like minded men in my community that had the same desire to create healthy meaningful friendships.


     The desire with these men was to create meetings where we could come and be comfortable and free with our expressions of love and concern for each other in a healthy way that allowed men to keep covenants made with their God, family and community.  


     This journey has been one of the sweetest and hardest experiences of my entire life.  

      I have found that our culture does not approve of what I call intimate non sexual physical man to man friendships.  I personally have been abused, judged, shamed, scorned, laughed at, and avoided to mention a few of the things that have happened in may life as I have reached out and learned that healthy relationships with men are indeed possible and even desired. But through all the hardship I have learned that men, pretty much all men crave deeper more meaningful relationships in their lives and that it is possible to have the right kind of friendships.


     I have found that in our culture there is no middle ground, meaning that it is either sex or arms length for men.  Middle ground is where men can be more affectionate with out sex or being judged by others as being gay or strange.

I am not saying that all men fit this category, but for those that do there is a better way. 


      There can be peace and joy in our relationships and there can be a greater understanding of our divine purpose as men and brothers and Sons of God.  


      My Goal with JADE and Kneading Brotherhood is to uplift, inspire, and teach men of all walks of life what the true meaning of what friendships can and should be.  


      Our staff for these retreats are men that are likeminded from all different walks of life.  Each man in their journey has discovered the need and have found a way to live in harmony with their selves, family, community, and the God they worship. But like all men we are all on a journey of learning and discovery everyday. We gladly offer what we have learned and we gladly share what we have experienced.  


      A Kneading Brotherhood Retreat is a wonderful weekend filled with processes intricately laced with an amazing culinary experience.  Food like touch and connection  is an integral part of our society.  We learn much about who we are and others when food is involved.  Not only will your relationship skills be enhanced, your culinary world will also be expanded like never before.  


     So come and join us and learn with us and grow with us in a very special way involving food, connection,  and healthy touch..  You will leave with a deeper understanding of who you are and a greater understanding how to create meaningful deeper friendships with other men in your life.  


I really look forward to seeing you on one of our weekend retreats. 


Brad-Founder of Kneading Brotherhood 

2017 copyright by brad petersen Kneading Brotherhood  all rights reserved