Reasons for attending a Kneading Brotherhood Retreat

If you are seeking a better understanding of man to man friendships.

If you are seeking a better understanding of who you are and how to connect with other men.

If you have fear or shame issues.

If you are lacking healthy relationships in your life.


If you have trouble understanding needs of other men.

If you desire stronger deeper healthy connections with men.


If you struggle with with intimacy and transparency in your life with others.

If you seek deeper more meaningful friendships and brotherhood.

If you need or desire connection and authenticity.


If you love to cook, eat, and enjoy making friends.

If you struggle with establishing boundaries in your connections.

If you desire men connections that are healthy and uplift you and encourage you to be your very best self.


If you are looking for a wonderful weekend filled with healthy man to man cooking time and connection with growth and change.

If you have gifts and insight that will help other men connect  and create deeper brotherhood in their communities.

This retreat, Kneading Brotherhood,  is for all men, we each have different needs and desires in our lives in connecting with other men.  What ever your reasons come and experience brotherhood in a very unique and powerful way.

If you are seeking understanding on establishing healthy connection and joy in your marriage. 

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