Brad Petersen decided years ago that there was a need for men to connect in a more personal way.  So he with the help of three other men conceived the idea of JADE.  The Jonathan and David Experience.  A powerful organization designed to teach all men in all walks of life how to have effective, healthy closer relationships with other men.  Jade has grown from 4 men to a large following of men that are looking for connection and deeper friendships.  


Brad is married celebrating his 32 year this year and is the father of 5 children.  Brad is a successful writer, motivational speaker, TV personality, and connection specialist.  His passion for what he does is so contagious and infectious that if effects all who come in contact with him.  He has combined his passion for food with his ministry for helping men to create the Kneading Brotherhood weekend experience.   


Brad writes a blog for men and has an deep intuitive insight for the needs of men.  He has done work with MKP, Mankind Project,  JIM, Journey into Manhood, and JB, Journey Beyond.  He is constantly learning and moving forward in his desire to help and assist men everywhere find joy, peace, and happiness in deeper connections. 

Staff and Leadership for Kneading Brotherhood 

Jeff has called Texas home for the past 18 years and now lives in the DFW area. Most of his career has been in the software localization industry, currently managing translation projects for a FORBES Top 100 logistics company.


He is the father of 4 awesome children whom he calls his happy thoughts – they make him fly.


Jeff loves helping staff the Kneading Brotherhood retreat because it allows him to combine his passion for men’s work with his love of cooking. He is active in connecting with men and is eager to share his energy with others. 

Jeff has experienced many mens retreats and is active in his community in Texas.  

Erick Hacking lives in the Chicago area. That has been his home for the past 18 years. He is passionate about mens work and has a great ability to connect and reach out to other men.  


Erick is married to his best friend and loves to travel and experience life through food and connections.  Erick understands the need for men to connect on a deeper level.  He is passionate about learning and teaching others.


He is also passionate about cooking and cooking with others.