I have been on many experiential weekend retreats and this one is one of my favorites in terms of enjoyment and satisfaction.  I feel much better equipped to build brotherhood and deep satisfying relationships.  The food and nurturing friendships enriched my soul.


Kneading Brotherhood has changed my life.   It totally took me by surprise.  I didn't expect the way it affected my heart. I was touched and learned so much about my journey as a man.  

I learned to be more trusting and I learned that most men are on a journey and each of us struggle with pretty much the same things. 

Kneading Brotherhood is advanced training for men.   

I really liked how Brad used so much food to teach meaningful principles.  The bread making was really life changing in that I learned about connecting and developing friendships.  

Can't wait to staff a KB weekend in the future. 

Thank you Brad, Mark, and Jeff for leading us on this amazing journey.  

Changed Man KB~1 

KB is breaking down the social, cultural, and religious barriers (stigmas) of what is possible, true, and beautiful in male friendships. It gives a man permission and the space to explore what healthy masculine intimacy can look like in a Christ-centered environment. If a man can open up his heart to this experience and say yes to receiving and getting the love he yearns for, it could change their relational world. 


I had many walls up that limited my ability to experience any level of male intimacy. It has taken me a while to get past my blocks and say yes to my need for masculine affection.  It is a beautiful thing to give yourself permission and the freedom to seek male intimacy in a healthy and real way - without attaching the negative messages/labels of the past. It just takes putting God first and knowing/setting your boundaries. 


This weekend is not for all men, but if you have a desire/need for deep meaningful male relationships, beyond the words, then KB can be for you. 


Arturo - West

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