Often life finds me lost

Lost in a sea of regrets and pain

Over come by waves of grief

and shame.

Waves that even rip my very soul

Pushing me below the surface

So far under I cannot see relief

Lost in massive pains of fear

That fill my heart with deep despair

Leaving me breathless and broken

In my mind, past relief or repair

I sink further, deeper into darkness

Consumed with doubt and brokenness

As I sink further down

The weight and frustrations

Cloud my mind and heart and sight

Leaving me alone and frightened

Feeling all is lost and gone

No hope for rescue or even light

The very bottom draws so close

I feel its solidness and endless mass

I yearn to sink even further

Perhaps in the depth

I can hide and be forgotten

Left alone to soak in misery

That quite dark place

Where no one comes

To disturb my aloneness

Will I be rescued or sink deeper

Will someone care or notice

That I am alone, lost, past feeling

Is this journey meant to be

For me or anyone

A deep dark lonely endless sea

And yet

There is a glimmer

So very small

That breaks even

The darkest parts

And the deepest depths

A light

That penetrates


It brings peace

Where hope is lost

And darkness reigns

And starts the assent


Almost without notice

Up up up

Out of the darkness

Slowly ever slowly

Light and breathe

Are restored

With added strength

That can only come

From the light

That destroys all darkness

His light and love

His grace and mercy

Lift me beyond what I cannot endure alone

I am lifted

Once again

To the calm surface

The waves that raged

The depths so dark and deep

Are now forgotten

As He

With hands of others

Lifts me up

And once again

I see the light

And Feel the peace

And Rejoice

That I am not alone


Written By Brad Petersen

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