The Passing of a Giant

In life I have found that if we are open and allow others in our lives and hearts both can be changed forever. When we listen to that intuition great things can happen that change our course and bless us in unimaginable ways.

This past week I had the blessing of going to the funeral of such a person in my life. Doug Steimle, truly a Giant among men and honestly I have to say that he changed the course of my life forever.

It all started years ago when his wife Dyan followed her intuition and approached me and asked me to come to their home in Glendora California to do a Chef Brad Event. That single action has proved to be one of the greatest blessings in my life.

I met Doug. Old enough to be my father, but young at heart enough to become a great friend. His children will tell how much he loves to give advice and council. That is what I loved about Doug the most. I never had a father image in my life that cared enough to give me council, so I ate it up. As he would council I felt like I was in heaven. I loved every moment and always looked forward to being in the home of the Steimle’s.

I loved everything about Doug. How he treated his wife, how the treated his children, how he loved his grandchildren and how much he enjoyed life. From simple things to big, he was passionate about it all. I loved how Doug, without hesitation opened his heart and home to anyone.

No one will really know how much his kindness blessed my life in so many ways. Some of my greatest blessings are his family. Dyan, his wife is a true friend, and I love his children and their families. I have been in their home often and each one of their children have always made me feel welcomed and loved. Myles is one of his sons and in him I found a true brother. A friend like we all desire all our lives. One we can be totally who we are and know we are loved unconditionally. If not for the intuition of Dyan and the openness of Doug I would have never met Myles. He is one of those friends that the moment you meet you are connected to the heart.

Sometimes in life there are those that really can change your life course in dramatic ways that at the time you have no idea. Doug did just that for me. I still remember the day sitting in his home at the kitchen table. He shared with me a philosophy that literally changed my life. I have not been the same and am forever grateful for what he taught me that day. There are many reasons I love Doug, but this day knitted my heart to his forever in gratitude.

As we were sitting there he asked me simple question. “Why do we go to church, there are only two reasons?”

I thought for a few minutes and answered what I thought was the right answers. Something like “We are commanded to go, and to learn about Jesus”.

“Good answer” he said, “but you are wrong” he said with out shaming me, but stating a fact.

“Ok, why do we go to church”, I said feeling stupid that I didn't know why.

“There are really only two reasons we go to church. Number one is to partake of the sacrament. That is the most important reason we go. To renew the covenant with the Savior”. At this point he taught me about that covenant and opened my mind up to things I had not considered in the past.

He continued. “ Now what is the second reason?” I must have looked blank so he continued teaching me. “The second reason has to do with the first. In the covenant we promise to always remember Him and we will always have His spirit to be with us. What is the purpose of that”, Doug asked, without waiting for an answer he continued.

“This is the second and only reason we go to church” Doug said with conviction. “The reason we have His spirit to be with us is for one purpose only. That purpose is to edify others”.

He continued, I think he felt I was getting it and needed this discussion or maybe he was just doing what his children claim he loved to do, council. What ever the reason he continued to teach me.

“We covenant to follow Him and He blesses us with his spirt to edify others. How do we edify others?” he asked, and not waiting for a response he continued. “ It can be as simple as listening to those presenting. Being kind to those around us. Participating and showing interest in what is going on. Not monopolizing the discussion, being aware of others”.

He went on to ask me what would happen if the Savior visited our church some Sunday. What would he do if he were there? He explained that the Savior would edify every person in his path and lift those around him. He explained that he would know the needs of all those in the building.

“Of course he would, He is the Savior”. I commented

Doug smiled patiently. “He gently reminded me all about the covenant and taught me again the significance of having His spirit to be with us”, he looked me straight in the eyes and said “ We literally become Saviors, with the ability to know how to edify each and every person at church”.

That day was one of those rare moment in my life that I was actually listening. It sank into my heart. Imagine I thought, I can be just as the Savior and know the needs of those around me.

That day started me on a wonderful journey of learning how to edify others and learning to listen to the intuition and acting on it to bless those around me. I have learned since than that it not only applies to going to church it applies to how we live our lives. Our true and only purpose is to edify those around us and each son or daughter of God has the ability to hear and know and act.

Thank you Doug, with all my heart for teaching me a simple principle that has changed me in ways I cannot express. Thank you for your goodness and for living that teaching in your life. Your entire life was a reflection of you living what you taught me. You mastered the simple act of edify all those that come into your path. You took the time to edify me and I am sure at the moment you had no idea how much that would effect my life. Edifying is most often doing the small and simple things we feel prompted to do. You were a master at that.

Truly a Giant has passed on to bigger and better things. And no doubt Doug will continue to edify all those in his eternal path

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