The Surrender Series Part 5


One day I was driving down the street and I asked the simple question. “God, how do I show my gratitude for all I have?” The answer came at once. “You show your gratitude in the manner in which you enjoy what I have given”. Wow, I have thought about that so many times in my life and I often find myself not enjoying what I have. Mostly complaining and not rejoicing in all that I am given and have been given.

Sometimes it is hard to feel grateful when your heart is full of frustration and anxiety over just trying to make it each day. When I say trying to make it each day I am saying that it applies to all areas of ones life. Financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. There is a lot going one in each one of those ares that cloud our vision and often times more me keeps me from seeing all the good and goes on and for sure keeps me from rejoicing in the good that is all around me.

I wonder often if God questions sending more when we can’t even see or appreciate or enjoy what we already have.

As I was going through the process of learn these steps I realized that I was lacking in gratitude. A huge part of Surrender is gratitude. Replacing the frustration we feel with coming to teams with how grateful we are for what we have and finding joy in the journey I believe that most of us are really grateful, but we get caught up in the storm and forget to realize and express gratitude for the obvious that keeps us strong in the storms. And in the storm we forget to enjoy.

I feel that it is just as important to express gratitude to God as it is to surrender, trust, and love. When we are truly grateful we are much more open to receive even more and in the process of enjoying our understanding grows.

Taking the time each day to ponder and express gratitude and taking time to enjoy each moment is a life changing experience. It purges the soul of so many feeling of want. From wanting more material things, stronger friendships, guidance, and peace, as we express genuine gratitude we open up our hearts to receive more in all areas of our lives. That is when the “Windows of heaven open and shower down blessings beyond what we can contain” and we start to realize we are so much better off than we even imagined.

Surrender all things

Trust all things

Love all things

Be ready to receive all things

and show gratitude for all things

and all things will be for thy good.

Enjoy the journey,

Brad Petersen

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