The Surrrender Series Part 4


As I am learning to surrender, trust, and love, it came to me that the natural next step in the process is receive. Only when we have surrendered and trust in who we are surrendering to and are working on love are we in the position to receive.

This is so important. I invite you to ponder this concept. To receive really takes trust and we must we willing to surrender to what ever receive. Good and bad. It is easy to surrender to the good things that come into our lives, where the real challenge comes in is when we are asked to surrender the hard things that we don’t understand or want. Real surrendering comes when we can look at even the hard things that are placed on us and trust there is a purpose bigger than what I can comprehend or understand.

This is perhaps my biggest challenge. I want to receive all the good things, but really have a hard time understanding the hard things that are indeed an integral part of this life.

Life is meant to be hard and being able to receive means we must take all that is given in the same way. Trusting that it is for a purpose, perhaps divine in nature and beyond understanding at the moment. Trusting that all will be ultimately for my benefit and good. Even though at the moment it feels like it is crushing my very soul.

Surrendering and trusting, developing these skills actually puts us in a better position to receive even more and learn to enjoy, and sometimes endure what we receive.

One thing I have learned is that often I am not open receive. I block my ability to receive good because of my lack of trust and because I cannot surrender my fears, past and present of not being worthy to receive. Often times I look at the hard things I receive as punishment and not as gifts from God to help me on my personal journey. Surrendering to God, trusting that he has a better plan for me and loving him for that he does actually opens up my heart to receive even more from him. He is always ready to give, literally the windows of heaven are open to us as we learn to surrender, trust, and love.

As we learn to love we receive a larger capacity to love even more. Surrendering and trusting in God’s ability to enlarge our hearts is powerful and can be life changing.

In this total process of surrendering, trusting, and receiving, love is the greatest of all things. We limit our hearts on the ability we have to receive unlimited love from God and the ability we have to love those around us.

Truly learning to love freely without conditions, boundaries, expectations, and trusting that no matter what happens around us when we love openly and freely is really the foundation to happiness and peace. Learning to surrender and trust opens the door to receiving love and even more important the ability to share what we receive and in the process of sharing we receive even more than what we give, until our cups literally runneth over.

Brad Petersen

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