Being Authentic

There is so much being said about being authentic in today's cultural. The word authentic has become a buzz word in our society. We are told to be authentic and if we don't praise anothers authenticity we are scorned and abused. I struggle with the word and it's many uses of justifying actions of another. It is amazing how many use the word authentic to justify their personal actions. Our cultural does amazing things in the name of being authentic. I am for sure an advocate of authenticity and transparency. I strongly support being authentic and owning up to who we are and our diversities. I believe we need more of both authentic and transparent in our world today. Indeed it would be a better place if there were more authenticity in our community, homes, and relationships. We hide behind thick walls that don't allow us to be authentic or transparent. WIth reason we have built the walls, ranging from protecting our hearts to pride, we have huge walls, at least I know I do.

The defination of Authentic is: If something is authentic, it is real, true, or what people say it is: being what it is claimed to be; genuine having an origin supported by unquestionable evidence; authenticated; verified: not false or copied; genuine; real: representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself or to the person identified.

I believe that being authentic is vital to our own personal journeys. But having said that I also believe that there is a huge part of being authentic that is selfish and self desire driven. What I mean by that statement, and this is my personal opinion, is that if being authentic hurts those around us or compromizes convents made with those we love and the God we worship it is selfish authenticity. I struggle with many who claim that they have to authentic to them selves with little or no regard to those around them. Causing deep damage and hurt that is not gotten over easily.

I also stuggle with the fact that if one is not totally supportive of anothers authenticity they are labeled and scorned. I believe, and again this is my personal belief, that God wants us to be authentic, expects us to be authentic, but God never would expect authenticity that goes against His teachings and council. One can be perfectly authentic and live all of Gods commandments. Does that mean it will be easy, NO, it will not be easy, true authenticity is not giving in to feelings and desires that harm or hurt ourselves and others. True authencity is being true to who we are within the bondaries God has set for us and no matter what we feel or think God will give us all we need to be truly authentic and follow him at the same time.

I can be an authentic man that loves other men deeply and never act out on my strong physical desires if that is what I deal with. I can be an authentic man that struggles in my marriage and admits it and yet continue to strive to be a better husband if that is what I deal with. I can be an authentic man and seem totally alone, if that is what I deal with. I can be authentic in many desires and feelings and still stay true to my personal conventants to God and those I love. And I believe that God knows me and wants me to be true to who I am in every way, but striving to keep it within the boundaries God sets and not the standard of the world. The world would tell us to be authentic and be true to how you feel no matter what. The world tells us that being authentic and real is the most important thing we can do, no matter the cost no matter the consequences.

God tells us to follow him, no matter the cost or consequences and in return He will give us the tools we need to be really authentic. Real authenticity comes from really following God and seeking His will in all things and trusting that no matter what we can be authentic and obedient at the same time.

Selfish authenticity is when we only think about what our own personal needs with little or no regard to whom it will harm or to what the consequences will be. That definition fits in perfect with our selffish driven culture where "me" is the only thing that matters.

I hope that my readers understand that I know each person is on a personal journey and I judge no man, knowing that my only option in all things towards all men is to love completly without judgement. My true authentic self is a man that loves all men and sees all men as being created by a loving God. All men are my brothers and I pray that they each find thier true authentic selves that are in allingment with Gods boundaries and expectations.

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